Sunday, May 1, 2011


If anyone can offer some help with these dates you can get in touch with me at


may 27 Salt Lake City, UT - The Badley and Swet Shop (dress up show!)
may 28 Denver, CO - Rhinoceropolis w/Married in Berdichev
may 29 Lincoln, NE - The Attic
may 31 Milwaukee, WI The Laundry Chute w/plumwife, roaming bear
june 1 Cleveland, OH - The Happy Dog w/Aaron Dilloway, Richard Pinhas
june 3 Burlington, Vt - The Radio Bean
june 5 Boston, MA - The Great Scott w/Mind Yeti, The Many People Band
june 7 New York City - The Orwell Cafe w/Clutter
june 8 new york city - where?? HELP!
june 9 philidelphia ??? somehwere??
june 10 baltimore or dc TBA
june 11 Cleaveland, OH - Bent Crayon record shop
june 12 indianapolis, ia
june 13 iowa
june 15 denver - HI DIVE
june 16 salt lake city
june 18 LA - Lot 1
june 19 LA can you help?
june 20 c.a.f.e. info shop, fresno w/dissonant dreamer
june 21 bay area
june 22 bay area
june 23 Davis, Ca - Villanova house w/mucky the ducky, pregnant
june 24 arcata
june 26 portland, or - valentines
june 27 portland house show
june 28 seattle wa - the josephine w/midday veil, rose windows
july 5 salt lake city w/wyld wyzrdz and gkfoes vjgoaff (the spirit dragon assembles!)
august 18th - Kilby Court - Salt Lake City W/Pregnant, Alak, Seven Feathers Rainwater

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Positive Texture

Positive Texture


cassette c44

side A: Hidden World [with Andrew Alba]

side B: Light Livin' [with Stag Hare]

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Art by Andrew Alba

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

15 Apple Magicians

by Seven Feathers Rainwater
12" LP
released 08 January 2011
Artwork by Daniel Chamberlin. Written, recorded, and mixed by Seven Feathers Rainwater. Mastered by Michael Biggs. Contributing Musicians: Stag Hare, Andy Cvar, & Parker Yates.

Seven Feathers Rainwater: Seth Pulver, Nate Simonsen, Taylor Christensen.

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